Who invented cumming fast

[Iโ€™m a solid 7/10 and I canโ€™t pick girls above 5 cause I cum too fast. I bet my father transmitted me this. everytime we do it he cums first]

Do birds and insects think buildings are just weird caves?


Barron is the luckiest guy on the planet probably

[A 6' 9"white American Male, handsome, son of a supermodel, son of a billionaire and a president of the most powerful country in the world. Mind blown. Dude won the lotto.]

Game of thrones BTS

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I did maintenance for years and I would get so many calls about the dumbest stuff.

[Dryer not working because they did not know you had to remove lint from the lint cage. Sink clogged because they did not use the garbage disposal. They think there's something wrong with your electricity because they're lightbulb is not working. They did not know they need to change it. Tripped breaker's. Dead battery on the thermostat. Just simple stuff like that. It's really sad.]

metaphysics meme

[[redacted] [redacted]]

Meta AI is rather unhinged

[[redacted] [empty]]

Trump has to be indicted for murdering a defenseless elderly man at the CNN debate.


I remember switching from cassettes to cds and feeling like I lived in the year 3000

[I fondly recall having stacks of CDs and importing them to Windows Media Player one by one. Blown away to have my music collection digitized, organized, and clickable.]

Spyke do you remember back in the day when McDonald's was colorful, inviting, and kids celebrated their birthdays there? Feels like 100 years ago.

[Thereโ€™s a McDonaldโ€™s near me that still have the same floors from the 90s and a Playplace that I see packed with kids regularly. Wild]

i remembered a friend from 17 years ago

[we were close in elementary but by middle school she isolated herself with the internet and online friends, while I don't blame her because of pandemic, it still hurt seeing her pick them over her friends that had been there since she was young. Last time I saw her was at our graduation, would've never guessed she moved cities and didn't tell us at all]

Today I took one of the top 3 best shits of my life

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Long time no see

[Sad to see this place still kinda dead :( Perhaps pewdiepie will shoutout this thing one day and it gets famous like some kinda meme lmao.]

Indians deserve the hate online

[We are a disgusting and socially uncalibrated race. Just look at Italian PMs Instagram comment section. I'm disgusted that I share a country and a race with these dumbfucks. But hey at least we stopped Alexander's army with UFOs]

Scritziophenia is no joke

[I was almost smoked broad daylight by my cousin because he thought I built satellites to spy on him. And he was DEAD SERIOUS Imo evil is a religious concept if you ask me. Think exorcisms. Mental illness, anti-socialization, and environmental manipulation explain every category of crime known to man since human society created the notion of crime and punishment itself.]



Hangman, but the man is invincible

[[redacted] [empty]]

Worn out steps inside the leaning tower of Pisa

[[redacted] [empty]]

Nuclear plants gave their employees cameraless iPhones. There are no cameras allowed inside the facility.

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Let's go

[[redacted] [empty]]

Factories by state

[[redacted] [empty]]

Suggestions on how to stop voices whispering in my head while I'm trying to sleep? I get up in 5 hours.


Cursed Doraemon

[[redacted] [empty]]

India W post

[I have said this before and will say it again. Given the stage of development, the diversity among the people, the size of the country and the sheer population, it is nothing less than a marvel that absolutely free and fair elections are conducted in India every 5 years. Mexico and India both recently concluded their general elections. Mexico's is 4x India in terms of per capita income and their population is less than 1/10th of India's. Mexico had 30+ armed killings of politicians running for elections across the country. India had zero. The next time you read a report telling you Indian democracy is in decline, tear away the article.]

Balenciaga dropped these $1300 shoes

[[redacted] [redacted]]

Yes, You Can Play Duck Hunt Without a Television (but I can't)

[https://nicole.express/2024/no-screen-no-cpu-one-problem.html [empty]]

I will name him Nicholas. He is no longer a girl dino ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

[[redacted] [empty]]

Hi please say hello to my pet dino

[[redacted] [redacted]]

Not too far fetched

[[redacted] [empty]]

Trump and his supporters work off pure racism, nothing more

[The real reason for Trmplthnskin's popularity lies in his racist beliefs. American racism runs so deep we have people willing to elect a convicted felon. Convicted of 34 crimes by a jury agreed upon by both the prosecution and defense attorneys. A man with a reputation of not paying contractors for work performed. A man who cheated on his wife A man who boasted publicly about grabbing woman's you-know-what. It would come as no surprise if Trumplthnskin had a goal of being the second Hitler. No , thank you]

Out with the naners

[[redacted] [empty]]

Spyke website appreciation post

[Alrighttt man you can color me impressed. It takes a lot of effort to cache shit the right way. I'm in awe with how effortlessly things like publishing comments, editing content and making votes instantly get reflected all over the place. I could vote on some shit on the group and almost instantly its reflected on the guys profile as well as the posts comment section. Like seriously, the stupid fucking site is genuinely faster and more reliable than reddit. If only there were more people here....]

Suggestion : Upvote on new posts and comments by default

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I'd like some positive addictions

[It's interesting why people are only addicted to the things that are temporary and never will change your life for the better but instead people rarely get addicted to lets say eating healthy or working out or addicted to success]

GTA 4 Remake has to happen

[I don't care about a remake, if they just port it with 4k resolution and 60 fps then I'll be happy. I recently went out of my way to take my PS3 out of storage just to play GTA IV and it was unplayable. The framerate constantly drops and the the resolution is very low and blurry. It felt like I was playing a fuzzy slideshow. If they just fix performance issues then I'll be more than happy, especially the FPS because in order to fully enjoy the physics, you need good framerate. Just my two cents.]

Where be polls? I'd like to vote on stuff

[[redacted] [redacted]]

oh no

[[redacted] [empty]]

Fairy odd parents meme

[[redacted] [empty]]

Why is AI so bad at being funny?

[[redacted] [redacted]]

Oilers fans when their team signs wife beaters, gambling addicts, drunk perverts VS Oilers fans when another team plays La Bamba in their arena

[[redacted] [empty]]

Chicago skyline visible from nearly 50 miles away in Indiana Dunes sunset.

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Everyone check their profiles

[Finally finished working on influence points, not even sure why I had postponed it for so long. Of course, might be buggy, so do let me know if there are any issues. Have fun!]

Do you really need a frontend framework?

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fuz-jLIo2g8&ab_channel=AndrewSchmelyun Well, this is a complete backend vision. This guy is not wrong, but if you build something complex that requires smooth transitions or dynamic elements being created at runtime you will end in so many problems and headaches. Separate your UI from your service has some great benefits, like caching, offline navigating and smooth experience, your users donโ€™t want to wait your UI to fully loading to do something, and made things entirely on server is not good (if your server slows down, then your whole UI goes to be slower too) Obviously you can write some js stuff to fix the points that I have quoted, but the maintainability of your code goes from hell. Again, you are not wrong, even if itโ€™s you will do the maintenance and evolution, you cannot guarantee that you will do for the rest of your life. Iโ€™m not saying that the people must do overengineered products for a simple purpose, but making a very good, solid and resilient project will bring less problems in your life.]

My take on Ben 10 time travel

[Each time we see future Ben he's different because Ben meeting his future self changes his future... (Like how if you saw yourself get hit by a car in the future, when you arrived at that point I'm time naturally you would know the car is coming and things would play out differently.) Ultimate alien series Ben was up himself and treated being a hero more like being a celebrity so his future self naturally has abilities that reflect that, letting his CELEBRITY face remain seeable at all times rather than the anonymity the watch provides with on demand alien disguises. Even his name "Ultimate Ben" is egotistical.]

Throwback music piracy thursday

[Not everyone remembers the days of pirating obscure "weird al" songs about Elmo killing the whole sesame Street crew, and uploading them to your personal Google music cloud to stream before Spotify even existed. Ofc that was after years of physically dragging these files around with you on an iPod. Shoutout to the other nerds upgrading the batteries in their *3rd Gen iPods]

Shoutout to duo lingo honesty this thing does not get enough credit

[My native language is English. I started learning French in highschool, but it never stuck. It's a relatively easy transition to go from one latin language to another, but it never held my attention. Today is my 201st day streak on duolingo, learning Arabic. I'm certainly still a beginner, but I actually remember and retain the things I have learned from it, because it's properly engaging. Duolingo has made something that is extremely difficult, so accessible and without causing frustration or losing motivation.]

Waiting 3 minutes to watch a 30 second video on the PSP is an emotion

[[redacted] [empty]]

My drug dependence journey

[As someone who was wrongly prescribed some very hardcore drugs for a problem I never had and then suffered immeasurable dependency and neological disruption as a result after extreme, and I mean extreme difficulty getting off them. Iam experiencing my self and consciousness and my sensory input in a fractured and disrupted way, and the amazing thing is, I have insight into how my brain gives rise to experience itself and the oddities it creates when things are not functioning correctly, especially when it comes to visual processing and modelling the physical world.]

All I know for sure is that I imagined up for myself, something in life far better than anything l've ever got to do, be, or have.

[No one ever wished up severe abuse, neglect, 3 hip replacements, etc. Sure, we get to choose our tesponses. But, when all you have to choose from is a rock or a hard place, then it doesn't seem to matter anyhow.]