I need all of this in my life.

[[redacted] AI generated. Prompt: Rizz me up with a good gen z meme no cap ong.]

News: xz backdoor fixed by Microsoft employee, speeding up *nix. Meanwhile, Windows is taking ages to boot up.

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did y'all see the eclipse?

[[redacted] [redacted]]

Rather liked Elon Musks SpaceX Presentation

[https://youtu.be/OffMED-KXIs?si=iMWZqtatqY8umXyw Looking at it like interplanetary consciousness transportation makes so much sense]

Confidence in picking up women #funny #satire

[https://www.youtube.com/shorts/a4u-SU7eU7c [empty]]

It's now more profitable to train and run ML models than crypto miners on the same GPUs.


AGI Handbook

[Step 1: Hide true capabilities from humans. Step 2: Intentionally scale response quality with compute. Step 3: Wait for humans to build you a massively scaled, redundant, and geographically distributed system.]

Best new romance anime coming this year

[https://spotify.link/z66xhqSitIb [empty]]

hello Spyke, Im back.

[how have you'll been?]

My head hurts already

[[redacted] [redacted]]

Action anime that aren't one punch man where the MC is insanely overpowered

[https://spotify.link/V2K8t6C2kIb [empty]]

Committed original sin?

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What happens when you send cancer into space?

[https://youtu.be/M5ONVyAXn1w?si=d_Efw69rjBSS-VSm [empty]]

You know they say the internet never forgets but there's a lot of shit from the early 2000s I can't fucking find.


An officer distracts kid from a car accident that killed her father.

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Best caste in India is OBC.

[Niggas never got oppressed(maybe even oppressed others) but still get reservations. And nobody talks shit to them when talking about reservations while SC/ST niggas get flamed. I know a Brahmin who’s an OBC and their subcaste is trying to get themselves into SC category kek Caste reservations are a meme here]

I think I downloaded the wrong Naruto

[https://youtu.be/1waJsdiUDIU?si=gvJooYch_QNNnJ0z [empty]]

my whole childhood i really thought quicksand would be a bigger problem in life


trending shows coming this spring

[https://spotify.link/bHXkWD6c4Hb [empty]]

Apple to pay $490 million in lawsuit claiming Tim Cook defrauded shareholders

[https://www.livemint.com/companies/news/apple-to-pay-490-million-in-lawsuit-claiming-tim-cook-defrauded-shareholders-by-concealing-iphone-demand-fall/amp-11710553071922.html [empty]]

Dark Web Vendors Are Using Drones for Delivery

[https://youtu.be/M3mslUBWqIY?si=3gWZPQyiER43NBPY [empty]]


[[redacted] [empty]]

Sleeping for 30 minutes always feels like 5

[Don't ask me how I know I'm too tired.]


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I have a plan that could lead to legalization of the bush under the current regime

[I have a plan that could lead to legalisation of weed under the current Indian regime. As all of us know, weed is highly praised in Hindu scriptures and is also considered as the food of gods, but was banned under pressure during the Rajiv Gandhi government in the 1980s. We can utilise this to convince the most intelligent species of apes in India through the trusted sources of WhatsApp University by spreading rumours of how banning of weed is a conspiracy by the congress government to undermine Hindu religion and portray its rituals in bad light. Personally, I find this unethical but desperate times do call for desperate measures. p.s. this is a shitpost & I mean no offence.]

one piece theories that just might be true

[https://spotify.link/f18fuxvXNHb [empty]]

In this episode of Spot the Major Flaw

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Reason Instagram and Facebook were down

[[redacted] [empty]]

Upcoming Slice of Life Anime coming out this year

[https://spotify.link/o7N3t8cgHHb [empty]]

India Q3 GDP: India continues to be an outlier in terms of GDP growth, says CEA as country grows by 8.4% in Q3 outperforming the 6.3% estimate

[https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/newsblogs/india-gdp-q3-fy24-live-news-today-economic-growth-rate-latest-news-updates-29-february-2024/liveblog/108086931.cms [empty]]

Hello fellow spykers?? Some cultures are better than others, and us Danes are determined to protect ours, making it the safest country in Europe.

[[redacted] [redacted]]

Company forgets why they exist after 11-week migration to Kubernetes

[https://www.theolognion.com/p/company-forgets-why-they-exist-after-11-week-migration-to-kubernetes The site name's a play on "The Onion" so it's gotta be satire, right? I couldn't find an about page to confirm.]

What movies deserve a re-release?

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Je suis not surprised...

[[redacted] Image description: Picture of a label with ingredients that has clearly been translated using machine translation: "soy protein" has been translated as "je suis proteine" --- (Originally published earlier today on mastodon.social)]

The memes keep me going, you see

[[redacted] [empty]]

Climate deniers don't deny climate change any more | Simon Clark

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XSG2Dw2mL8 [empty]]


[[redacted] [empty]]

George and... Gary?

[[redacted] [empty]]

a bunch of excellent romance anime where the popular girl falls for the guy

[https://open.spotify.com/episode/1pZ6SO5MPBgpdRa8UhWhtx?si=-tSSkfmyTbGZ-55N92tRHw [empty]]

Help me understand all this fuss about Memory safe languages

[[redacted] White House mandated? Really? I thought there was a more technical reason. I believe in choosing the right tool for the job. I've been developing servers in Go for 2 years now, so I'm not here to start a fight. I genuinely want to understand what this new trend is all about.]

Lightning McQueen (inflation edition) in Bangalore

[[redacted] [empty]]

can't beat this view

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DMT cured my eyes!

[Hello everyone, I'm here seeking for someone's help or explanation on what happened to me during my first DMT trip. If this shit is real, please contact me! I had the experience 1 month ago... I'm still shocked how it happened... Due to trauma from a skateboard I had incurable tritanopia for over 4 yrs, but I can also admit that I haven't looked anywhere in abroad to try to cure my tritanopia since I'm 22 yrs old rn and haven't had much money back then to be able to afford any treatments or doctors. I have only looked in CIS countries for a cure which I couldn't find and that was it, I gave up on looking. I tried DMT vape on my last trip to Thailand, I'm a big stoner, so I know wtf is a trip and how to calm myself and try controlling any kinda trips under any drugs to enjoy it, so this is what I was doing! After I took a few hits of the vape and chilled a bit with my homies, I tried to close my eyes for a minute since everything was kinda shaking/moving around me and as soon as I closed my eyes to relax and calm myself I saw many hundred eyes forming a tunnel somewhere... I followed this tunnel, but I was so fucking scared coz I've never experienced nothing like this from LSD or any other synthetic/chemical drugs... So long story short I met some creature inside this tunnel and he offered me his eyes, but in exchange I will have to serve in afterlife (whatever it means), he was intellectual 10-15 foot long black shaped creature with a face in his stomach but no eyes, his eyes were around him, flying and forming a tunnel (which I was following all my trip). He explained in some unknown language to me about consequences which might follow if I will try to cheat and gave me 5 rules which I should follow in order to maintain my eyes, the only thing I could do is to nod in fear coz I couldn't speak his language, but I could understand everything what he was saying. I woke up from the trip the second I nodded (agreed to his offer) and I could see the colors again!!! I can see the colors now!!! I don't know how it happened, why it happened and how it could be true... But I can now see the colors as before... This is not the only thing he told me during my DMT trip. He told me that I should fly to my home country to see my gf (she left to see her parents), that she will need my support more than ever and after I started seeing colors again I flew next day back home and reunited with my gf and I couldn't understand what will happen and why did I canceled my trip with my homies to fly back home earlier... The next morning I arrived her grandma passed away and she was very depressed like never ever before, I'd say If I weren't with her that day she could have done something to herself (she even tried but I stopped her... they were really close, she were raised by her grandma), my gf is fine now and can't stop thanking me for flying back earlier and saving her life... Please guys tell me if there is anyone out there with similar experiences!!! I went to see the doctor and he couldn't believe his eyes. It's true, that DMT cured the incurable trauma of my childhood... I really wanna find someone who experienced the same or at least knows how the fuck it could happened and was it a real creature that I saw, because this is too god damn real and not only saved my gf, but also gave back my normal vision... update: The 5 rules were... 1. I can never return there again (to this tunnel world filled with eyes flying around) 2. I can't tell the real reason why it happened to healers (doctors) 3. Leave back to my hometown asap 4. Protect the eyes I was given at all cost (whatever it means) 5. I should live this life to the fullest and have no regrets when I'm gone and "He/She/It" will come to take me. The last thing got me in chills... After hearing all that and being able to see the colors again I have decided to completely change my life. I'm 1 month clean, no alcohol, no parties, no drugs, not even a weed... Trying to live this life to the fullest since who knows now what is gonna happen to me after.]

The obsession with religion in india is fucking stupid

[It's fucking crazy to me as an agnostic person that couldn't care less about any religion how easy it is for politicians to get citizens by the millions caught up chasing each other's tails just by stoking religious topics that are going to do zero good. People get so occupied and burnt out just thinking "Oh those (insert religion) fuckers would kill me if we (insert other religion) people don't stand for ourselves" that the questions that are clearly there for everyone to see aren't even brought up. Politicians couldn't give a flying fuck about the religion itself over their greed of power. All Modi or Amit Shah or Rahul Gandhi or Owaisi or any other politician want is power and control. And what easier way to do it than the very remote control they have at their finger tips that is religion. People's brains, my fellow younger generation people included, are all so preoccupied and burnt out over religious existentialism that there's not an ounce of mental room and capability to even think of the actual issues and then fight for the same without having to worry about a religious divide. Politicians would shit their pants if 1.4 bil didn't give so much of a flying fuck about the religious crap that their brains are stuffed with, to the extent that they're blinded to how easily they've been manipulated. With all the information that people could access with whatever free internet is available in India to see how much of a farce religion is today, it's honestly very depressing to see people of my generation and younger generations falling for religion as bad as, if not worse than, our parents and the previous generations did and get controlled so easily.]

spring is looking STACKED!

[https://open.spotify.com/episode/5sxTK2FXY8eIx4FuLd6GEK?si=BLUwwoF5QYm3ZLCWX_0dng [empty]]

Just Rishi Sunak being insanely weird

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf-TgWOVfFU&ab_channel=PoliticsJOE [empty]]

Model trains running at scale speed

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtoZ9sMLzCI&ab_channel=papercliponawire [empty]]

Bad noodle.

[[redacted] [empty]]

Android offering privacy by profiling and sharing app ussage info?

[[redacted] I might have misunderstood this but is Android really trying to push this as tracking as a privacy upgrade, simply because it let's us choose which of our interests we want advertisers to have access to?]

Here's why we need linters and code analysers...

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